Applications close Oct 23

Applications for the New Colombo Plan scholarships of up to $3000 to attend the Vietnam Field School (ANTH2135) will close 5pm Monday October 23. If you’d like to be considered for a scholarship to attend the field school please submit an application before that time.

Your application should consist of a 300 word total written response that comprises:

  1. Your date of birth;
  2. Your citizenship status;
  3. Responses to the following questions:
    i. How will attending the field school and receiving the NCP benefit your ANU degree?
    ii. What do you hope to achieve through this learning experience?

Acceptance for consideration for an NCP scholarship (for those who meet the requirements) will be based on a combination of your GPA (or equivalent representation of your grades so far) and your written responses to the questions above. Note that there are no “correct” or “incorrect” answers here.

Please note that, NCP scholarships are open only to undergraduate students who are Australian citizens and aged between 18 and 28, as well as being subject to some other restrictions.

Our admin staff will calculate your GPA for you once your application is received.

Please note that those who do not meet the criteria for an NCP scholarship can still enrol in this course and the postgraduate versions (ANTH6135/6137) of it, and if you are interested in enrolling into this course please email your name, student number to before 1 November 2017.

Any enquiries about ANTH2135/6135/6137 please contact

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